January 30, 2013

Dual Screen Laptop by Asus

One of the most unusual Windows 8 systems seen to date is the Asus Taichi. And that's saying something, as we've already seen laptops with screens that flip, fold, rotate, slide, and separate completely from the bottom half of the clamshell.
Available in both 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch ultrabook-branded models, both versions of the Taichi share one notable feature: a double-sided LED-backlit IPS display. That means there is a standard clamshell laptop screen, and then a second screen pointing out from where the back of the lid would normally be. The model we tested was an Intel Core 7 version with 11.6-inch displays that costs $1,599 (a Core i5 version is available for $1,299).
While you can choose to use one screen or the other, you can also use both in tandem, with the outer screen acting as a secondary display, able to either duplicate or extend the interior display. That could be useful for sharing a presentation, for example, or for putting some distracting video content on the outer screen for the kids, while you're working on something productive on the interior screen.

Processor1.9GHz Intel Core i7-3517U
Memory4GB, 1600MHz DDR3
Hard drive256GB SSD
ChipsetIntel HM77
GraphicsIntel HD4000
Operating SystemWindows 8
Dimensions (WD)12.0 x 7.8 inches
Height0.6 inches
Screen size (diagonal)11.6 inches
System weight / Weight with AC adapter2.8/3.2 pounds

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